New Blog!

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I decided to say good bye to Wordpress today. Let’s see if I will regret this decision in the long run. :)

I tried to move my blog to jekyll, mainly because I don’t want to manage a server side software stack (Mainly PHP, Wordpress and MYSQL). I said I tried, because I wasn’t successful moving everything that I wrote since 2003.

As some of you might know, I had my blog running on 3 different platform in the past years (and this is the 4th) Out of those, first two were written by me. The last one was Wordpress. Because of all these moves, my blog was in a miserable state. Because of these inconsistencies, I really had hard time moving my entire blog to the new jekyll generated github pages.

So, I decided to import everything from 2016 to today (My most inactive years!) and leave the rest (mostly immature ramblings) in

Maybe in the future I might move it under the same domain. But not now. :) Here is to the new beginnings! :P